Explanation of our Work Order

Work Orders prevent mistakes. When we have all the information we need to process your order in one place, there is little chance for error. We have found this to be the most workable system by far after pro- cessing thousands of orders.

Since the team works only from work orders submitted online via the website, it is important that you make sure you have submitted complete and accurate information so we can quickly complete it.

We need to match the shipping label to the correct boxes and as the shipping label has the SKU printed on it, we use the SKU as well as the description you have provided to make sure we have shipped out the right boxes.

Customers have multiple boxes that look exactly the same so having this information is vital for us to be able to accurately match the shipping label to the correct box.

Work Order User Guide

Most of the work order is self explanatory, but here is a brief outline of the purpose of the fields we ask you to complete.

Contact Information

This information is needed to match inbound shipments to work orders and to allow us to contact you if needed. Also if you are a new customer, we use this information to set up your account.

ETA and Carrier

These fields are used only for incoming shipments. If your goods are already at the warehouse you can leave those fields blank or use wording such as ‘already in stock’.

If you are shipping goods to us, these fields are important so we can match your shipment to your work order. We get hundreds of inbound shipments each week so being able to quickly match them to an exist- ing work order is vital. Shipments will be rejected if we can’t match them to an existing work order as in that case, these goods won’t belong to any of our customers.

Product Description

Please give us a brief description of what is arriving.

For example: 20 cartons of dog beds or if you have multiple SKUs, you could say ‘Dog Beds – 4 SKUs per size.

Shipping Master Carton Marks

Shipping marks are the words and numbers and symbols on the outside of your master cartons. These are really important so we can match your inbound shipment to your work order.

These marks are printed on the master cartons by your supplier. They will only put carton dimensions and weight of carton on the exterior unless you specify what you need.

In the example above you would have your supplier put ‘Dog Bed -Small’ on all cartons with that product. Then ‘Dog Bed – Medium’ on those cartons, etc.

If you have only one SKU, have your supplier put that on the box, for example ‘Dog Beds’. Apply the same system for products that differ by color.

If you are shipping different products, for example dog beds and dog collars, then those items need to be in separate cartons and clearly labeled. Most supplies will not combine SKUs in a carton unless they feel it would minimize shipping costs. If this is the case, ask them to clearly mark what is in the box on the exterior.
Having correct shipping marks on your cartons will greatly decrease the time it takes to complete your work order.

Important: Make sure your supplier does not put Zebrapals name ONLY on the master cartons as we are not the owner of the goods. We will reject any shipments sent that way for legal reasons.

When placing your order please have your supplier label each carton with:
Your Name, and/or Company Name
C/O Zebrapals
Product Description (as above examples for details on exterior carton) SKU
Quantity in each box

Please Note: Shipments that arrive without any identifying marks will need to be opened so we know who owns the goods. Additional charges will apply for this work. In some cases, these shipments will be rejected if there is no way to identify them.

SKU, FNSKU, #Boxes, #Units

SKU means Stock Keeping Unit which is the identification you have for your products. You can create it ac- cording to your system or Amazon will create one for you. We use this to insure we are shipping the correct items to Amazon.

The FNSKU label is what Amazon uses to fulfill your customer orders. It stands for Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. Amazon assigns this unique code to every product you sell on Amazon and this is what goes on your units. We also use this number to verify your order.

Number of boxes and units is needed to insure we have the right number of labels for your shipment. When we process your order, we do the math to make sure your order is correct and will be accepted at Amazon.

TIP: Many customers have a spreadsheet on their desktop with their SKUs, and FNSKUs, listed. They then copy and paste this information onto the work order.

Total number of boxes

This is for customers shipping out multiple SKUs. We need to know the total number of boxes for all the SKUs going out in this shipment.

Services Requested

This information will be used to assign your job to the right department.

Special Instructions:

Use this field to give us as much detail as you can on what you would like us to do.

Document Upload Area

Use this field to upload your PDF of labels, photos, spreadsheets or documents. There is a 50 MG limit which has proven to be adequate for our customers to date.