The complete A to Z of sending your Goods Safely To Amazon

1. If you are a new customer, please submit a Request a Quote form online with as much as detail as you have, and we will set up your account. This will facilitate further communication from you and supply you with some initial pricing. There is no obligation of any kind to set up an account.

2. Give your supplier our shipping address:

YOUR NAME          (VERY IMPORTANT  for identification of your shipment so it can be accepted by Zebrapals)
1323 Truman St
San Fernando CA 91340
Ph 213 944 0991

(This address is in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles)
Click on this – Google Maps Link

Note: Overseas clients residing out of the USA: The first step in the process will be for you to obtain an EIN (US Tax ID) to be an importer of record. To do this, you can visit You can then give this to your freight forwarder for an easier import process.

3. Please send a fully completed Work Order via the website as soon as you have all of the details listed on the form. We can then schedule it into our workflow and expedite a fast turn-around.

4. If you require Amazon FNSKU labeling, make sure to attach a .pdf with the FNSKU labels in 30 per sheet,  8 1/2″ x 11” format. This size is a standard default size to select and can be generated from your Seller Central account, as you prepare the shipment to send to Amazon. It is a good idea for us to label vs. Amazon doing it as it costs the same and gets your goods into inventory that much faster.

5. If you require us to pack your products into polybags or boxes, insert items such as postcards, affix packaging labels, label or bundle the product, apply suffocation warning labels, etc. or any other steps you require, you can see our pricing listed in the main menu. If you have a custom job, please submit a Request for Quote form via the website. We will get back to you within 24 hours with pricing for your job.

6. Once your job is complete, we will send you box dimensions, weights, and units per box so you can enter these details into your Amazon seller central account. You can get there via the Manage FBA Inventory section. This will give you the opportunity to generate shipping labels and send them to us as .pdf files. We will then print & apply them to the boxes and get them shipped out right away.

If you have not done this before the following video will step you through the process for single box shipments: Amazon bills you for this shipping service and depending on where the shipments are being sent, you will be charged from 40c-80c per lb by Amazon which is very reasonable and the best domestic freight price around anywhere. This other video shows you how to do LTL (pallet shipments):

Please select UPS as the shipper, not FedEx, as FedEx does not service our area well. There are additional pickup fees when using FedEx which we do not want to pass onto you. UPS pickups are free to you and they come to our facility twice a day.

The exact format which Amazon systems will accept as a “ship from” address when you are shipping goods out to Amazon from us, is:

1323 Truman St,
San Fernando
California 91340

Please make sure to use this format to avoid delays and missing goods especially during high volume times of the year.


7. We will email you a QuickBooks invoice when the shipment has been processed according to your work order and ready to go out the door. This QuickBooks invoice has a built-in option to pay by credit or debit card and will accept overseas cards. (Click on the green “pay now” button at the top of the electronic version of your invoice)

8. If Customs Duty & Fees are not paid by your supplier as part of your shipping arrangements please realize that ZEBRAPALS, INC. is NOT the importer of record of your goods. That implies ownership and these goods are owned by you. We do not provide import services but have several companies we can confidently refer you to should you need a local customs and import broker.

9. Sometimes the goods need to be repacked when they arrive. This depends on if the boxes arrive in decent enough condition to use again and if the boxes are not too heavy for Amazon to handle. Amazon only accepts shipping boxes with no more than 150 units in each box, and weigh under 50lb (22.5kg) so they do not require heavy package labels.

We try to use the same boxes your goods were shipped in, but where they fall outside these parameters or arrived damaged,  we have to repack into smaller boxes for Amazon to accept them and/or for the contents to arrive in good sellable condition. It is a good idea to ask your supplier to add extra product boxes (if your product has them) so we can quickly correct any damaged product packaging we discover. When arranging your shipping details, ask your shipper to use high-grade cartons that can support the weight of your other boxes. Your particular goods will dictate what grade of shipping cartons you should use and your supplier should be able to help you with that decision. Many suppliers use weaker recycled cardboard cartons that often arrive crushed and unusable when forwarding to Amazon. Goods shipped in these inferior cartons risk being damaged during transport and while they are cheaper, the ultimate cost in damaged goods makes paying a little extra for strong cartons a good financial decision.

10. If you require your goods to be stored at our facility,  it is particularly important to have your supplier use strong cartons that can support the weight of another pallet of your goods. This ensures your goods will not take up unnecessary floor space in our warehouse. If we can stack pallets of your goods we can keep storage to our normal cost. If not, your cartons will be stored in a single layer to ensure your goods are safe. This will incur additional storage fees.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help you!

Our Service Agreement to You:

We will keep you updated if there are any unforeseen delays, however, most shipments can be handled in 1-3 business days from receipt of goods at our address depending on tasks to be performed.

All information on our clients and what products they are selling is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone outside the company or within the online selling community.

By sending us your work order you agree to our terms and conditions which can be found at this link: ZebrapalsTermsandConditions.pdf

Thanks very much for your business – we appreciate it very much!

Best Regards,
Carina Bustamante
Chief Operations Manager

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