Shipping and Freight

International Shipping & Customs is a science in itself. As an Online ECommerce entrepreneur you want to save costs but also want a reliable, transparent service (without all the costly mistakes often encountered – not to mention rip-off charges!). Honestly, we’ve seen it all – so we partnered up with a world-wide freight forwarding company that has the care and attention to your needs that you deserve.

If you have not already made shipping arrangements, or are looking for a more reliable one, RTW Logistics, our recommended freight forwarder in Los Angeles can get your goods shipped from anywhere in China or Asia and through their in-house customs agent. They deliver directly to our warehouse for inspection and/or forwarding directly to Amazon or other outlets. Need advice on Tariffs & Duties for your specific goods? They are the experts.

The freight forwarders Customer Service contact details are:

RTW Logistics Inc.
Allan Cobar
Business Cell +1 (562 379 1718)
Office +1 844 307 1907

You can contact them directly for freight quotes via email as well. Their customer service is great and we can highly recommend them.