Shipping and Freight

We have several reliable freight forwarders with the know-how and resources to get your goods from your supplier to our warehouse.   Our customers have worked with them for years and they have a proven record of performance.  We are confident that one of them is the right fit for your company.

Importing goods is complicated and costly.  Without the right support, importers can end up paying duplicate charges simply because both sides of the transaction are not synchronized.  Our recommended freight forwarders can help with the entire process, or any segment of it that you require.

The freight forwarders Customer Service contact details are:

Tony Durbano – Connected International
Cell: 949-887-9216

Ben Beller – Tristate Forwarding
Cell: 845-694-8099 EXT.101

Mike Hancock – Rivera Air Freight Corp –
cell: 310-330-3400

Sana Malik – Terralink Logistics
cell: 713-635-9396

You can contact them directly for freight quotes via email as well. Their customer service is great and we can highly recommend them.