Who are We ?

5 years ago, a successful Amazon Seller in the US just happened to have a lot of friends overseas who also wanted to sell on-line and asked him – could he help with their logistics needs here in the US? Sure, he replied. But good word of mouth being what it is, soon the requests mushroomed into a full time business – and so Zebrapals was born!

What is Zebrapals?

Zebrapals = Zebra (has stripes like a barcode!) P = Packaging A = And L = Logistics S = Services. PALS? OK yes, we admit to be being friendly pals to our customers because we believe in The Golden Rule*.

Our Mission

  • Providing real logistics help to the world-wide on-line selling community marketing their products in North America based on our own experience in this field.
  • Personal Responsive Customer Service that fulfils the needs of our customers.
  • High Ethical Standards and fairness in all dealings with clients.
  • Improving our processes and efficiency whilst expanding our company

Our Partners

* The most familiar version of the Golden Rule says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The rule’s prominence in common sense ethics is found in all religions, races and creeds.