Information For Customers

Thank you for considering Zebrapals when looking for a US based warehouse and distribution company.
We have been assisting Amazon sellers for 9 years and we know how the system works. It is a long journey from your offshore supplier to Amazon fulfillment centers in the US and we are here to help you navigate the complex world of supply chain management.

This information covers the services we offer and how to work with us. We have included information that hopefully will shed some light on why we ask for certain information and why it is important to follow the system we have created. The goal is to get your goods quickly and accurately to Amazon and to provide a secure US based warehouse to store your goods.

Inbound Services

Please be aware that we need to coordinate receipt of shipments so that we can properly receive your goods. To do this, we need to have a work order on file so please do not ship to us without first sending a work order and getting a confirmation from us that we have received it.
Shipments come to us either as a loose box shipment, on pallets or container loads. They can arrive via UPS, FedEx or a trucking company.

Inbound fees include:
• Unloading carrier either loose boxes or pallets
• Conducting a visual inspection of your shipment (exterior of master cartons)
• Counting the cartons per SKU
• Noting any damage to exterior cartons
• Noting any shortages in what you expected to be delivered
• Providing weights and dimensions of each carton to enable customer to generate Amazon’s prepaid shipping labels when needed
• Reporting oversized boxes that exceed Amazon’s TOS (Terms of Service)
• Sending a condition report including any recommendations needed to bring shipment into compliance with Amazon TOS
• Providing you with photos showing
• An overview of how your shipment arrived
• One opened master carton to show how goods are packed
• One individual unit
• Any damage found
• Palletizing loose box shipments to maximize storage in warehouse

Loose box shipments, called Small Package Delivery or SPD, can come in over several different days so it can take a week or more to receive the full shipment.
Once your shipment has been checked in, sending all or a portion of your goods to Amazon is very simple. You will have everything you need to prepare a shipping plan through your seller central account without having to contact us again for details such as weights and dimensions.
All you will need to do is submit a Work Order online to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Outbound Services

When your work order has been received and entered into production we will do our best to get it ready for shipment within 24 to 48 hours. We don’t work Saturday or Sunday so please plan accordingly.
We ship out two types of shipments; SPD and Less Than TruckLoad (LTL). LTL shipments go out on pallets.

SPD Shipments

Outbound fees include:
• Pulling boxes from storage and affixing your prepaid shipping labels • Scheduling the carrier for pickup
• Loading the carrier
• Notifying you when goods have been picked up

LTL Shipments

Outbound fees include:
• Pulling and labeling boxes
• Building an Amazon compliant pallet (40” x 48” x 72” high)
• Sending you the pallet details – weight and dimensions of each pallet
• Monitoring your LTL shipment so you are aware of when it is picked up. (LTL shipments are scheduled by you through your Seller Central account)
• Notifying you once shipment is picked up
• Sending you a copy of signed Bill of Lading (BOL)

Storage Fees

Storage fees are calculated by the day. Our custom-built warehouse management system tracks all inbound and outbound shipments making this method the most accurate in the industry.   The pallet method of calculating storage can vary greatly depending on height restrictions. Calculating by cubic feet removes any question on how much storage space was actually used. We do not have seasonally adjusted rates, oversized rates or special rates for certain categories.   Monthly usage reports available at no extra fee.

General Handling and Processing

This category is for jobs that require opening master cartons to perform a task such as:
• Inspecting individual units
• Re-boxing units to comply with Amazon’s weight and shipping carton requirements

Custom Jobs

As every customer has different products and needs, we will need details on labor intense jobs such as:
• Performing an inventory count of goods
• Bundling two or more components into one unit
• Inspection of units
• Labelling of units
• Repacking damaged product packaging (customer supplied packaging)
Quotes can be obtained by submitting a Request for Quote form online.