Standard Receiving, Inspection & Forwarding

Receiving & Handling, Inspection, Product Count, Re-Boxing (in original shipping cartons), Printing Shipping Labels, Labelling Cartons, Forwarding to Amazon .40c per product unit. This includes inspection of your goods for packaging damage with photos if needed, and sample testing if needed. This does not include shipping costs from us to Amazon via UPS.  If a specialized examination of every single product in its packaging is needed, please contact us for pricing.

You will generate shipping labels (which are trackable by you in Amazon Seller Central), with the send/replenish inventory tool on Amazon Seller Central. You can then send them to us in a .pdf file so we can print and attach them to the shipping boxes.

Amazon will charge you about $0.40c – $0.80c per lb. for shipping to their distribution centers. Their price for shipping is incredibly inexpensive considering your goods are distributed to Amazon’s 70 fulfillment centers thousands of miles all across the USA.  

Miscellaneous Fees:

Receiving Amazon Inventory back from FBA

Before placing a removal order through Amazon, please contact us. We have years of experience concerning removal orders and customer returns.  There may be better options for handling your slow moving, or non performing inventory and we will be happy to share our experience so you can make the best decision in your particular situation.

Minimum Charge

– $50.00 per hour
If a job requires special handling, for example sorting a pallet of goods which have been bought from an auction, retail arbitrage or a wholesaler we can do this. This does not include emails back and forth, just the cost of the labor we have to hire to do it.

Work Order Job Minimum Charge

– $50 per job
If not covered by the above charges (as it is a small number of items being handled for you), we have a minimum charge. Sometimes customers need us to send things to printers, or other companies, pay bills here in the US or send replacement stock to handle a customer issue, or forward stock to another location, which we do for this minimum charge.

LTL (Less Than Truckload) Pallet Shipping

Standardly building pallets that Amazon will accept – $25.00 per pallet. An Amazon compliant pallet is 40″ x 48″ x 72″ high with a maximum weight of 1500 lbs. This includes shrink-wrapping the pallet and applying shipping labels. Box forwarding fees are applied separately according to the number of boxes in your shipment.  

Note: This is a much cheaper way to ship goods to Amazon from our warehouse although it takes 1-3 weeks to arrive at Amazon by this method. Shipping individual boxes by regular UPS ground freight takes 2-5 business days. LTL is normally done if you have a lot of stock being shipped at one time.

Forklift Charge

for unloading Inbound & loading Outbound Pallets on delivery truck – $6.00 per pallet.

Single Box Shipments by UPS through your Amazon Seller Central Account

no charge except as covered above. Please do not use the Fedex Shipping option, as they charge a pickup fee which we have to pass on to you. UPS pickups are free and done twice a day. FedEx Freight is also slightly cheaper however in our area they do not do regular pickups and have to be repeatedly told to do so, so this delays your goods getting into Amazon.

Charge for Minimum Quantity Boxes

(only 5-20 items per shipping box)

$8.00 per box for 7-39 boxes – $7.50 for 40 to 59 boxes and $7.00 per box for 60 boxes or more. For 1-6 boxes a minimum job charge of $50 would apply.

Explanation of minimum box charge: Sometimes shipments of 40-60 boxes arrive with only 5-20 items per box. In this case, we end up spending more time to open, unpack, inspect & repack units in those boxes.

Box forwarding only

If all you need is receipt and forwarding of un-inspected boxes to Amazon we will provide you with the weights and dimensions of the boxes so you can generate your labels via your Seller Central account and will then send them on.

We charge $4.00 per box for 13-39 boxes, $3.25 for 40-59 boxes, 60+ boxes $3.00.  This is through UPS only.

Note: Box forwarding of 1 – 13 boxes is charged at our minimum service charge of $50.00

Re-boxing Product into new boxes

If you need to split your shipment to reduce the number of units in a box, to reduce the weight of each box or to replace a damaged shipping box, we charge $5.00 per box. (Amazon only allows a maximum of 150 units per box and a maximum weight of 50 lbs. per box. Note: the length of one side of a box cannot exceed 26 inches.)

Labelling Services

Attaching FNSKU Barcoding or Suffocation Labels is .20 per unit. The cost of the labels is included in the unit price. We can also attach custom labels that you supply. The Receiving, Handling & Forwarding  Fee of 35c will also apply.

Note: Amazon charges 40c per unit the second time you send in inventory without barcodes or suffocation warnings unless you choose ‘preparation by Amazon’ when creating your shipment order.

Bundling of Products

generally 22c per bundle of 2 items for us to put them together. You provide whatever bundling material you wish to use to assemble your product bundle. If needed, we can order these items for you according to your specifications.

More complicated bundling, for example in individual flat-packed boxes, or more than 2 items in a bundle is negotiable depending on our labor cost to accomplish it. We will quote you a price on these custom jobs.

Product Assembly

Packing in customer supplied polybags or bubble mailers is .20 per unit in addition to the inspection fees above. Complex jobs requiring several steps will need to be quoted individually.

Building Flat Packed Product Boxes & Repackaging product per Amazon Requirements

This includes placing a seal on each box to secure it as well as performing the 3-foot drop test required by Amazon so they don’t burst open when dropped. Cost is .50 per unit.

Promotional Inserts

Inserting your flyers, postcards or promotional items – 10c per insert.

Amazon Prep charges vs our Prices:

To give you a comparison of charges, the following is what Amazon charges for some of the services we provide:

Issue First Instance All Subsequent Times
Missing barcode label $0.20 $0.40
Other label required $0.20 $0.40
Poly bag required $0.70 $1.40
Bubble wrap required $1.00 $2.00
Opaque poly bag required $1.20 $2.40
Taping required $0.20 $0.40

Container Handling

Unloading containers is one of the most arduous tasks of the logistics process. After your containers have been unloaded & inventoried, and any FBA prep services have been completed, the most efficient storage method is to palletize the product. We create product pallets when we unload, so your merchandise is more easily stored, organized and transported. Distribution becomes much easier, as the relevant pallet needs only to be identified and shipped out to Amazon or other fulfillment locations when needed.
All containers are unloaded onto pallets (if needed) into our security protected warehouse holding area the same day they arrive. For Containers, there are no inbound forklift or other admin fees. Unload, building pallets and inventory of pallets are all included in the price below.

  • 20ft Container unload & inventory (if palletized) – $250
  • 20ft Container unload & inventory (if NOT palletized) – $475
  • 40ft Container unload & inventory (if palletized) – $400
  • 40ft Container unload & inventory (if NOT palletized) – $750
  • 40ft HQ Container unload & inventory (if palletized) – $450
  • 40ft HQ Container unload & inventory (if NOT palletized) – $825

*Containers of loose goods – not in boxes – requiring more than 4 man-hours to unload will be charged an additional $50 per man-hour.

Container Unload and Forwarding Package Pricing

If you require your pre-wrapped and labeled pallets to be simply unloaded and forwarded to Amazon FBA right away, please contact us for competitive pricing. However, it may be cheaper for us to unload and store with us and forward some, rather than sending all direct to Amazon and having them unload and store it with the risk of slow-moving inventory incurring huge charges – see below.

Inventory Storage

We charge $1.25 per pallet per day for storage. (This is based on a stackable, standard-sized pallet volume of 60 cu ft or 1.7 cu meters). The minimum storage charge is 1 pallet as each customer’s products have to be individually logged and inventoried each month and this takes time. See for a tool which you can use to calculate how many of your boxes will fit on a US sized pallet of 40”x48” pallet size both in US and metric measurements.

Amazon Storage vs Zebrapals Storage

Zebrapals Amazon
Jan- Sept per pallet (60 cu. ft.) $1.25 per day ONLY $41.40 per month or part thereof
Oct – Dec per pallet (60 cu. ft.) $1.25 per day ONLY $4.80 per day/$144 per month
NO LONG TERM Plus long term storage fee 181-365 days
$3.45 per cu ft, over 365 days, $6.90 per cu ft NO LONG TERM STORAGE FEES STORAGE FEES= $414 per month per pallet! PLUS 15c per unit
NO OVERSIZE FEE Product oversize fee

See for a FULL explanation of long term storage rates at Amazon as of Jan 2019.

To see all 2019 storage rates changes go to:

Important: Verify that your supplier puts in the correct HTS code (Harmonized Tariff System) developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). THIS IS IMPORTANT DUE TO 10% TARIFFS NOW IN EFFECT FOR MOST CHINESE GOODS AND POSSIBLY GOING TO 25%.  These codes are used to classify and define internationally traded goods for customs. Don’t get overcharged! One recent customer was charged 40% duties for something that should have been 3%. We are not customs agents but have some experience in this area. This is particularly important today with the current “Tariff War” the US government has decided to engage in with other countries.

How to Pay Invoices:

US Based Customers

We send all customers an invoice via our QuickBooks system which gives US customers (or overseas customers with US credit cards) the option to pay directly either by US credit card or US Bankcards. Overseas payments register instantly on our system.

Simply click on the top right of the invoice on your computer in the green box marked “pay invoice”. Bank wire transfers can be done as well, but these incur an additional $15.00 bank processing fee.

Overseas Customers

You can pay our QuickBooks generated invoice directly by credit or bank/debit/check card by entering in your card details. Simply click on the top right of the invoice in the green box marked “Pay invoice”.

(Note: Your credit card company may charge you for overseas card transactions fees so don’t be surprised when you get your statement or use a card that doesn’t charge those fees.)
You can also pay by overseas wire transfer, however, we have to pass along the fee our bank charges us for receiving the wire which is $15.00 per transaction. This is in addition to the charge your bank charges you to send the wire. Paying by credit card is usually far cheaper.

Payment Terms

Invoices are due immediately upon receipt. Once we receive payment we will ship your goods to Amazon. We appreciate you want to get your goods to Amazon quickly so whenever possible we will provide the invoice as soon as we know what the final amount will be upon completion of your work order so there are no delays.

The QuickBooks system instantly records your payment as soon as you make it when you pay using the ‘Pay now’ button on the invoice. If you prefer to pay via bank wire, please allow 3 days for our bank to notify us that your payment has arrived.

Storage Billing – This is billed on the 1st of the month for the previous months’ storage. As mentioned above, our invoices are due upon receipt. Late payments on storage will incur a $25.00 late fee. Any invoices that remain unpaid for 90 days will result in the stored goods being considered abandoned. In that case, the goods will be destroyed.